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Hey friend! I’m Farshiya!

I’m the owner of Unforgettable Media Co, I started out as a successful entrepreneur in the event industry but soon realized that I had a passion for helping others with the backend of their businesses. I found that many entrepreneurs struggled with managing the day-to-day tasks and systems required to run a successful business. Over time, I began sharing my knowledge and expertise with other business owners, helping them streamline their operations and save time and money. Eventually, I realized that she had a unique skill set and decided to start charging for her services so she could help even more entrepreneurs succeed. Today, I am dedicated to providing high-quality virtual assistant services, web design, and system setup and automation to help business owners focus on what they do best and achieve their goals.

Want to be able to learn how to work on the backend of your business and have continuous support?

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Unforgettable Media Co. has been a pleasure to work with they are super knowledgeable and have helped me not only to implement great content but understand how the technical aspects work.

Natalia Smith

Natalia Smith Realtor

Farshiya is awesome. This girl did not disappoint. My website was looking quite sad… really, entirely unpresentable, and within the first 15 minutes of working together, Farshiya already improved it so massively. She is clearly experienced and was able to quickly and effectively make our website vision come to life.

I was impressed with the design, but even more with how she checked back in with me later to make sure I had figured out how to make MailChimp cooperate (I hadn’t) and to teach me what to do.

Abigail Chavoya

Chavoya Web Consulting

Farshiya is amazing! She has all the tools and tricks to help you grow a following and boost your business. Her advice has helped my little biz so much. Thank you again, Farshiya!
Courtney McCoy

Sun and Sky Consulting