Amazinggg books you have to read

The Energy Bus

Think & Grow Rich

Thinking Fast & Slow

Systems you should try to help run your business




Podcasts you should listen to better yourself and your business

The Mindset Mentor

Purposely Bossin Up

Social Proof Podcast

As you can see I have referred you to some really good references. I’m not going to refer you to anything that I haven’t tried myself.

I’m trying each and every day to better myself but sometimes it is hard and I know if I struggle sometimes then I know you are too but we are going to get through it together.

I have worked on my daily routine and sometimes I fall off but if you don’t try and be consistent then you won’t be able to move forward.

So if it is working for me then hopefully it works for you too. Yes, I know not everything works for everybody but I don’t want to give you something that isn’t going to work at all. Hey, if you even feel like you don’t know how something will work for you then let’s hop on a call together and talk it over. I love to talk and see what you need help with.


Just remember I’m your Tech VA Best Friend!