Heyyyy everyone!!! How you doing it’s Farshiya your Tech VA Best Friend from Unforgettable Media Co.

I named the company that way because I’m unforgettable!!!!

So I wanted to just introduce you to my vlog. Yes, it’s a blog but video style. So what I’ll be doing is create my vlog on various topics and then have it transcribed because I’d rather talk to you but I need the words to boost my SEO so I’m working smarter but not harder here.

I wanna give you all the information but I also want to optimize my time so here it is. Lol. So come on over as I will be talking to you guys about tech, the backend of your business, automation, social media, and all the good things possibly things going on in my life as well¬†cause hey it’s a vlog, and why not.¬†

So here’s the vlog, welcome and I’ll talk to you all soon! I guess the first video I do which will be the next video will basically be a video based on who I am, my backstory, and all those good things.

So talk to you soon. I’m pretty sure we’re about to be best friends.