Getting Your Life Together To Have A Bad A** Year!



Are you tired of not having a plan or knowing what to post, what is coming up next etc.?

Well, have no fear because those problems are going to go away.

How would you feel if you were to be surrounded by a group of other like-minded entrepreneurs who have the same goal of just trying to plan out their year so that you know what’s happening next?

Exactly…you would feel amazingggg!!!!

Come join us as we come together as a group and plan out 2023 in our business. You will:

  • look at your past year and past goals
  • celebrate your wins
  • review your challenges
  • set up your new goals and anticipation for the upcoming year
  • get your finances in check (even though you don’t want to or know how)
  • plan out your new year based on the goals that you have for your business

If you’re still on the fence about getting in on this planning I’m not sure what to tell you because we make this new year goal to be organized, well now is the time to start. So make sure you get in here.

What’s included:

  • Fillable workbook
  • Guided 4 part workshop session
  • Workshop replay


Session 1: December 12th @ 12pm EST

Session 2: December 16th @12pm EST

Session 3: December 19th @12pm EST

Session 4: December 21st @12pm EST


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